Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Closer Look: Bacchus

Chef Raul's Signature Free-Range Chicken @Bacchus
I have a secret to confess: For over three decades now, I’ve been shamelessly engaging in a flirtatous, passionate and ongoing love affair . . . with food. Okay, perhaps it isn’t much of a secret, given my oftentimes spontaneously gluttonous episodes (especially those that involve the adorable and edible crustaceans, crabs) which seem to erupt like a flash fire and are equally difficult to extinguish.

My love of all things food runs the gamut from Asian to Cajun, Southern to American fare, Lebanese to French. Included in this mélange of culinary temptations is Italian food. I recently had the occasion to dine at a restaurant in South Norwalk, CT that, while closed for three years, has reopened with a great menu, divine food and a new attitude. Introducing—or is that reintroducing?—Bacchus. This Tuscan-influenced restaurant offers sophistication, ambience and inspiring cuisine that will leave diners wanting more.

To find out more about Bacchus and their wonderful cuisine, read on.

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