Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gadgets 'n Stuff: Electric Wine Opener and Wine Chiller

Today’s gadget is a handy little tool for the wine aficionado who is feeling a tad bit lethargic and doesn’t have the strength to invest in actually opening a bottle. I say this from experience since I was gifted with this very item for Christmas from one of my sisters.

Featuring the Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener and Wine Chiller. Now, with just the press of a button, uncork and open a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy. It’s a stylish cordless unit that’s ergonomically designed – just charge it, put away the charging base, and use it as needed (up to 30 times before recharging). Once you’ve opened a bottle, place it in the thermal stainless steel chiller to keep it cold for hours.

The unit comes with a foil cutter that hides away on the back of the recharging base. Its bold, sleek design means you can display it without shame. And it just might be that conversation starter you've been looking for.
"Hey Tyler, Thanks for inviting me to your party. Say, what's that strange futuristic looking tubey thingamajig over there?"

"Why thanks for asking, Stephanie. That's my electric wine opener. It's super groovey, dontcha think?"

"Neato! Where can I get my hands on one of those?"*
Look no further, Stephanie. You can actually purchase this gadget at a variety of stores. As of this writing, the following price quotes were accurate:

BrandsMart carries the Electric Wine Opener and Wine Chiller for a whopping low $18.88. Wal-Mart sells the opener separately for $17.54, or you can get it with the chiller as mentioned above for $24.97. At most Wal-Marts you can order online and have it shipped to your nearest store at no additional cost! Amazon also carries the gadget for $24.97.
*Six months later, Stephanie and Tyler were married in a quiet civil ceremony, thanks to the Electric Wine Opener and Wine Chiller.

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  1. I got a laugh out of your review. We actually received an electric wine opener for Christmas. Just months after I told my wife that something I really wanted was a good, solid waiter's friend corkscrew to replace the cheap one that I had been using in a somewhat broken state for many months. I didn't want one of the expensive French ones that has a hand-carved olive wood handle. Just a well-made one that isn't going to fall apart. She got me one at a wine shop we frequent and I love it. I waited tables for years, so using one of these is second nature to me and I have always enjoyed opening wine bottles for some reason (it's like opening a present).

    I've never used an electric wine opener, so I had no idea if they are as foolproof as they advertise or if they are cork manglers. I decided to read some reviews just for curiosity sake and found yours. I think ours will be exchanged for something else since I am happy with my waiter's friend, but also because our tiny kitchen doesn't have room for single-use gadgets larger than a waiter's friend (which is actually multi-use since it can open beer bottles as well).

    Anyway... I will definitely check out more of your blog.