Here it is . . . out in the open . . . naked and exposed for all the world to see.

Bon Vivant's Disclosure Policy

And now for the boring legal stuff (the FTC says I’ve gotta do it).

Bon Vivant is a personal blog written and edited by yours truly. While Bon Vivant doesn’t accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions, I won’t scoff at the idea of accepting and keeping free products, services, travel, event tickets and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations if they have a desire for me to test and/or possibly write about their product.

However, know this with a high degree of certainty: any compensation (i.e. free products, services, etc.) that I receive will never influence the content, topics or posts that are made on Bon Vivant. You just can’t pay for me to say nice things.

The bottom line is this: If I don’t feel comfortable recommending or endorsing something, then it simply won’t be done. End of story. I’m not in this for the freebies.

Bon Vivant is a blog about the wonderful world of food and those items associated with it (kitchen products, drinks, restaurants, etc.). You won’t catch Bon Vivant endorsing trips to theme parks, automobiles, Big Foot or anything else of the sort . . . unless it has a very strong tie-in with food. So be safe and secure in the knowledge that if you happen to see a product endorsed on this blog, it’s something that I’ve tried, I haven’t received payment for it and it’s a product or service that I think deserves to be seen/tried/tasted/used etc.

Now that that’s out of the way, read the blog!

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