Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gadgets 'n Stuff: Lil' Flip Spatula and Mini Fry Pan

This past Thursday was my day to be selfish. It was a bona fide self-proclaimed "All About Me Day". Pedicure. Manicure. Mass quantities of food indulgence. Shopping. Yes, I was getting my Maxxinista on in a very big way. (Note to Self: Pencil in on calendar "All About Me Day" at least once a month. You should too.).

While I was in the checkout line, admiring the multitude of items I was about to purchase and wondering if I should step out of the queue and continue with the shopping madness for just a little bit longer, a flash of orange packaging caught my eye.

One look and I was sucked in. These stores have a way of doing that to a person—loading the path to the register with goofy trinkets that, at some point or another, will lure gullible and unsuspecting people (such that I am . . .) into their trap, all in a bid to separate us from our precious cash.

I didn’t care.

I picked up the package and laughed. Staring at me with googley eyes was an egg! The egg was part of a set: The Eggsentials Lil’ Flip Spatula and Small Fry Mini Pan set. I’m not sure why I would ever need a perfectly round egg cooked in its own miniscule pan, but I couldn’t resist buying this little beauty. The spatula head fits snugly onto the frying pan handle with a magnet. How cool is that? And it comes with a mini recipe booklet with 12 different egg recipes. How cute!

TJMaxx carries this item for $6.99, but I also found it on Amazon for $4.25 (but bear in mind, you’d have to pay for shipping, which would ultimately cost more than an in-store purchase).

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