Monday, May 9, 2011

Gadgets 'n Stuff: MultiCup and Spoon

As of late, I’ve become quite fond of scouring the internet on a mad hunt for kitschy kitchen gadgets and iconic gizmos that, while I may never use in life, look divine or make for great conversation pieces at dinner parties.

My latest foray into what equates to a late-night, bug-eyed, Home Shopping Network-styled frenzy culminated in uncovering a nifty little gadget for the espresso and cappuccino lovers of the world (not to mention soup devotees, and practically anything else that can fit in a soup-like receptacle).

ASA Selection Espresso Cup and Spoon

Try this on for size: The ASA Selection Cappuccino Cup and Spoon, and its sister spoonies, the ASA Selection Soup Cup and Spoon and ASA Selection Espresso Cup and Spoon.

What a marvel of modern invention! Okay, it may not be that stupendous, but still.... Each of the three comes with a requisite cup, saucer and stainless steel spoon. Sure, you could just as easily rest your spoon on the table, on a napkin, on your lap, in your hair, etc., rather than atop your cup (where, by the way, you’ll always know where it’s at) but doesn’t it look more aesthetically pleasing holding court across the rim of your cup nestled in its own niche?

With three cup sizes to choose from, go from coffee to tea to ice cream to cereal to soup to . . . whatever. Order the ASA Selection cups direct from ASA (a German company) or via Amazon.

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