Monday, May 9, 2011

Gadgets 'n Stuff: Hamburger Press & Handle

Hamburger Press & Handle (Crate & Barrel)
As you sit down at your favorite hamburger joint and you’re just about to sink your teeth into that juicy, succulent gourmet burger loaded with avocado, bacon, cheese, red onions, sundried tomatoes and fiery chipotle mayo, stop for just a moment.

Take a good look at that burger. No, I mean a really good look. Notice the shape of that burger? How’d they do that? Aren’t you just a little bit envious? Don’t you wish the burgers you make at home—while perhaps not as juicy, not as inviting, and lacking that come-hither aroma—could look half as good, half as symmetrical, half as, well, round?

You’re in luck!

You no longer have to suffer the shame of misshapen, distorted, plain old ugly burgers anymore. This handy little Hamburger Press with Handle from Crate & Barrel forms two perfectly shaped burgers that any amateur chef would  proud to call his or her own. Made of cast aluminum with a nonstick finish, this makes a great addition to any kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Grilling season is here. Surely you’re not about to toss an ugly burger on the grill, are you?

Hamburger Press & Handle available at Crate & Barrel for $19.95.

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