Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gadgets 'n Stuff: Finger Food

They look innocent enough . . . until you know what they are
My first shocked-filled thought when I realized what this was was “What the . . . ?!?” followed quickly by “Why I oughta . . .” And then I calmed down, picked my tongue up off the floor and rolled it back into my mouth, wiped the thin film of sweat from my forehead and realized the makers of this goofy trinket might be onto something.

They’re called Finger Food and they’re party plates. But here’s the catch: they’re miniscule plates for your finger built to hold, um er uh, finger food! Now stop rubbing your eyes—you read that right. Plates for your fingers. Those same fingers—preferably the index finger—you use to dial a phone, manipulate a pen, pick your nose, or whatever.

But seriously, isn’t this a campy and clever idea? Picture it: You’re at a cocktail party. Around comes a passed tray of mini quiche. You have a cocktail in hand and you so want that little hors d'oeuvre but you can’t figure out how to balance both the cocktail and a plate in one hand without looking like a circus juggler. Ta-dah! Put it on your Finger Food plate!

I’m telling you . . . the more I think about it, the more I like this quirky idea. I think I’ll order a box or two for my next gathering. You can purchase a box of 10 online at Amazon ($10.00) or search the Fred & Friends website for a store near you that sells them.

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