Friday, May 6, 2011

A Closer Look: Dolphin Restaurant

Tuna Tartar @Dolphin Restaurant
Recently, I was in Yonkers, NY. Yes, Yonkers. Yonkers was one of those places that I unjustly made fun of simply because of its name. I had never had occasion to visit Yonkers before and really didn't know much about the town, except that it was in New York.

Yonkers is an emerging town. While not the prettiest of places, it is growing and developing and coming into its own. While in Yonkers, I had the opportunity to dine at a relatively new restaurant located on the waterfront. By the way, it's a lovely waterfront.

Dolphin Restaurant, opened eight months ago by restaurateur Elio Rugova and his four sons, is one of those places that takes you by surprise. While I'm not really sure what I was expecting, those undefined expectations were exceeded.

You can read all about my experience at Dolphin Restaurant HERE.

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